Automated Teller Machines (ATM)

Greater Bank introduced ATMs in the Year 2000 for the convenience of the customers to withdraw cash and do balance enquiry 24*7 from Greater Bank . Today Greater Bank ATMs offer more than just cash withdrawals. Greater Bank ATMs facilitate Greater Bank customers with the following facilities free of cost:

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Cash Withdrawals
  • PIN Change
  • Mini Statements
  • Fund Transfer
  • Request for Cheque Books
  • Mobile Number Registration
  • Mobile / DTH Recharge
  • GREEN PIN facility to change or set the PIN for the card

Other Bank (NFS member bank) customers can use Greater Bank ATMs for 4 functionalities only viz. Balance enquiry, Cash Withdrawals, PIN Change and Mini Statement. All our ATMs are DIP card readers, so that your card is not captured by the ATM.

Greater Bank customer’s have the facility to withdraw from more than 2.37 Lac ATMs all over India.

Customers-Be Aware : Do’s and Don’ts of ATM transactions


  • Conduct your ATM transactions in complete privacy, never let anyone see you entering your Personal Identification Number (ATM Password/ PIN )
  • After completion of transaction ensure that welcome screen is displayed on ATM screen
  • Ensure your current mobile number is registered with the bank so that you can get alerts for all your transactions
  • Beware of suspicious movements of people around the ATM or strangers trying to engage you in conversation
  • Look for extra devices attached to the ATMs card readerthat looks suspicious
  • Inform the bank if the ATM/Debit card is lost or stolen, immediately, report if any unauthorised transaction
  • Check the transaction alert SMSs and bank statements regularly
  • If cash is not dispensed the ATM does not display “cash out” please report to the Bank on the number mentioned in the Notice Board
  • Immediately check your phone for SMS for debit amount


  • Do not write your PIN on the card, memorise your PIN number
  • Do not take help from strangers or handover your card to anyone for using it
  • Do not disclose your PIN to anyone, including bank employees and family members
  • Do not allow the card to go of your sight when you are making a payment
  • Avoid speaking on the mobile phone while you are transacting
  • Do not handover your card and your PIN to third party for ATM operations
  • Do not disclose any details about your account /card / Mobile, the Bank will never ask you for these details

Debit Cards

Greater Bank Introduced classic RuPay Debit Cards for its customers so that customers can do all the ATM functionality transactions and swipe their card at PoS terminals in stores and do online transactions for all their purchases in stores or on websites, with great offers from RuPay. The card comes with a comprehensive RuPay Accidental Insurance Cover for an amount of Rs. 1 Lakh.

For your safety, the Debit Card transaction will be successful on any PoS only after entering your 4 digit PIN. For online transaction i.e. ECom, OTP will be your added security which is sent to you on your registered mobile number.

Dos & Donts for Pos / Online Transactions :

  • Do not leave your card unattended in shops
  • Do not disclose your PIN to the shopkeeper / waiters.
  • Ask the merchant to bring the PoS terminal to your table, if in a restaurant
  • Do not disclose your OTP , which is sent by the Bank on your registered Mobile Number, to any one on telephones / mails.
  • Do not click on any link and do not download any app, when informed by strangers.

The Bank will never ask you for your account or cards details. Be safe and enjoy digital banking

You can download the Debit Cards form from the “FORM Centre” tab on our website.


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