Greater Bal Sulabh Saving

  • In order to cultivate saving habit amongst Minors Greater Bank has launched a suitable scheme in the form of ‘Greater Bal Sulabh Saving Bank Deposit Scheme’. Banking has not only reached its presence in geographical areas such as Metros, Urban – Suburban & rural areas but also it has influenced peoples having difference age groups. Minor’s share in the Indian GDP will be very high in the coming years & hence it is very important to cultivate savings habit among them & Greater Bank’s scheme will be a useful step for the same.

  • Minor who has completed 10 years of age & above is allowed to deposit / withdraw cash in / from his account independently.

  • Cheque book facility is allowed only for cash withdrawal for minor himself and not for issue of cheque to third parties.

  • The overall ceiling of cash deposit / withdrawal once in a day should not be more than Rs.5,000/- and balance in the account should not exceed Rs.1,00,000/- at any point of time.

  • Minor Operated Accounts can be converted to full-fledged (Major’s) Saving Bank Account on minor attaining the age of 18 years.