QR Payment

MQR Powered by Mswipe Scan QR code to accept all UPI, mobile app and credit/debit /MasterCard, RuPay and Amex) payments.

Benefits and facilities

Features & Benefits:
  • Free - no Setup and rental charges*
  • Ideal solution from small merchants to big businesses across myriad categories such as retail, restaurants, grocery, and more
  • Wide range of payment acceptance
  • Single QR code for all card brands- RuPay, VISA, MasterCard and more)
  • Money Directly in your bank account
  • Low cost of operations as no physical POS/EDC terminal required

* Setup fee and rental charges do not include transaction charges

How to Apply:

To apply for QR solution it is required to have an Account with Greater Bank. Existing customers can visit nearest branch and request for QR solution.


1. Setup Fee and Rentals

No Setup Fee and no rentals