Name of the Merchant Category Offer Validity Coupon
Bamboo Shoots Dining

1.       Offer 1: 15% off on food and soft beverages

2.       Validity Period : From 01-01-19 till 31-12-19

From 1-01-19 till 31-12-19
R Steel & Cement Shopping

Purchase Building Material from R Steel & Cement – Get 5% Flat Discount on minimum billing of Rs 2 lakh and above 

From 07-05-2018 till 30-09-2019
Inlife Cosmetics
  1. Offer : Inlife - Flat 20% off
  2. Validity Period : 31/12/2019
Till 31/12/2019 INrupay20
Mexicano Griller Dining

1.       Offer 1: 10% discount on Food and beverages      

2.       Validity Period: From 01-10-18 till 30-09-19

From 01-10-18 till 30-09-19
North West Corner, Jaipur Dining

Offer 1: 15% discount on food and soft beverages

From 15-07-18 till 30-09-19
Poster Gully Gifting

Flat 30% Off STOREWIDE

Till September 2019 RUPAY
Edureka Lifestyle
  1. Offer :  Flat 20% OFF on All Live and self-paced courses for RuPay card users.
  2. Validity Period : 31st Oct 2019
  3. Coupon Code: RUPAY20
Till 31st Oct 2019 RUPAY20
Berleigh Shopping
  1. Offer1: 50% off on Andres Sendra & Duke and Dexter. Code – RUPAY50
  2. Offer2: 40% off on Schutz. Code – RUPAY40
  3. Validity of the offer – 1st September 2018 to 30th Sept 2019.
1st September 2018 - 30th Sept 2019 RUPAY50 | RUPAY40
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Cashback Campaign Cashback
  1. Daily 40% cashback (capped at a maximum of ₹ 4,000/-) on minimum transaction amount of ₹ 1,000 on RuPay International Card for successful Point of Sale (POS) transaction in UAE at any merchant location accepting the RuPay International Card (Debit/Credit).
  2. RuPay International card can qualify for the cashback maximum once per day during the campaign period i.e. from 15th Sep 2019 till 31st Mar 2020 (Inclusive both dates)
    1. Cashback will be processed for the highest value qualifying transaction per card per day regardless of multiple transactions done at various merchant location in UAE.
    2. In case, if the cardholder resorts to transaction splitting of a particular transaction, only the highest value qualifying transaction will qualify for cashback on a daily basis (even if the qualified transaction criteria is met by all the transactions). Transaction splitting means when the invoice value is high and is split into multiple transactions.
  3. Minimum value of transaction for qualifying cashback is ₹ 1,000 and maximum value of cashback is 40% of the transaction amount with the cap of ₹ 4,000.
  4. In case of multiple transactions performed in a day by the RuPay cardholder at any of the POS locations in UAE using an International RuPay card, the highest value transaction will qualify for 40% cashback capped at maximum of ₹ 4,000/-
  5. The offer is not transferable, non-negotiable and cannot be enchased at the retail participating stores.
  6. Incomplete / declined / invalid / returned /disputed or unauthorized/fraudulent transactions will not be considered for the offer.
  7. The Cashback amount (in INR) will be credited in the RuPay International Cardholders respective bank account through his/her Card Issuing Bank, within 45 days of the transaction date which is qualified for receiving cashback.
  8.  A unique card is eligible to receive a maximum of ₹16,000 cash-back in a calendar month. 


15th Sep 2019 till 31st Mar 2020 IST (Inclusive both dates)
Hunan, Koramangala Dining

Offer 1: 15% discount on food and soft beverages

From 15-07-18 till 30-09-19