Personal Loans

Greater Convenience Loan Scheme
It is a simple personal loan to meet any genuine need of finance.

Confirmed employees of reputed PSUs, Limited Companies, Central / State Government Employees and Professors / Asst. Professors / Lecturers of College / Universities and Research Institutes having the latest net monthly salary (i.e. after all deductions) not less than Rs. 10,000/-.

Maximum Loan Amount
Rs. 2 lakhs (Individual)

60 months (Individual)
36 months (self employed)
Rate of Interest
Loans with Salary Deduction u/s 49 of MCS Act,1960 and / or with salary credit by way of ECS:
Under Group Tie up (with min. business exposure of Rs. 200 lakhs) for specific category of companies – confirmed employees of reputed PSUs, Limited Companies, Central / State Govt. Employees, Multi National Companies (MNCs), Large Corporate, Professionals etc. as approved by Corporate office.
Loans with Salary Deduction u/s. 49 of MCS Act, 1960 and / or with Salary Credit by way of ECS:
Under Group Tie up (with min. business exposure of Rs. 100 lakhs) for Medium Corporate as approved by Corporate Office.
Loans with Salary deduction U/s. 49 of MCS Act 1960 and / or with salary credit by way of ECS:
For Small Companies that do not fall in the above two categories.
All other cases in which salary credit by way of ECS is not available but ECS credit of Loan installment is available, Employees of Pvt. Ltd. Companies, Business Category etc

List of Documents Required
  • Salary Slip for the last 3 months
  • Form No. 16 for last 3 years OR Income Tax Returns for last 3 years
  • Bank Statement of Salary Account for the last 6 months
  • Employer’s Certificate for period of service with details of designation etc. (Minimum 1 year permanent employment)
  • Photograph and address proof and Identity Proof
  • Details of the collateral security (in case salary deduction sec 49 of MCS Act,1960 is not available) - only of the applicant
  • Two guarantors/sureties

a) Personal Guarantors/Surety:
i)  Two Personal Sureties.
ii) Additional Surety of the spouse (if married) OR father / mother (if unmarried).

b) Security
i) Hypothecation of valuable items such as Television, Computer, Car, Refrigerator, Music System etc upto 100 % of the loan amount incase salary deduction incase of salary deduction U/s 49 of MCS Act,1960 or Salary credit by way of ECS.
ii) In all other cases-100% by way of Pledge of tangible securities viz. NSC,KVP,LIC etc /mortgage of immoveable property

Interest Calculation
Daily Reducing Balance

Share Holding
1 % shares of the loan amount by the applicant (regular membership) and the guarantors to become nominal member

You may please contact your nearest branch (as mentioned in the the branch locations).
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